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the Chef

My name is Danilo Porro and I am Neapolitan.

My working experience was varied and different,

but I always had the desire to cultivate my passion for cooking.

Today, I work as a chef within my property located in Cilento,

where I live and work with the utmost dedication and professionalism,

my aim is to enhance all that treasures that

this beautiful land and the Mediterranean Sea offer.

Living in Southern Italy, in a region like Campania,

rich in culture and traditions, in touch with nature,

has taught me the importance of our

enogastronomic traditions and origins.

I believe food is a great form of communication,

it goes beyond any language barrier.

I practise my job as a mission

using fresh and seasonal local products as means of education

I try to convey to my clients the importance of eating and drinking

in a healty but tasty way.

I proudly adhere to the Slow Food Chef's Alliance.

Cooking Class

Pure fun.

Book now your cooking lesson with the Chef.
With a simple and creative approach, without technicalities, Danilo opens the doors of his professional kitchen to all Italian cuisine lovers and teach them how to prepare

an entire tasting menu for the following dinner.



The Chef with the suitcase.

Do you want a true Chef at the stove of your kitchen, to amaze your friends with a different dinner, unusually typical and with a touch of gourmet?
Danilo willingly makes a trip with his baggage of genuinely Mediterranean delicacies

from the hills of Cilento straight to your home.

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